Frequently Asked Questions Stoneleigh Abbey

We hope that these FAQs answer any questions you may have, but please do contact us should you have any new ones!

Stoneleigh Abbey has four full y licensed rooms for you to choose from, the smallest is the Gilt Hall which can accommodate up to the capacity of 60 people (including bride, groom and suppliers) and our largest room is the riding school which is licensed for up to 300 guests. The registry office for Stoneleigh Abbey is in Warwickshire and can be contacted on 01926 413724 or email:

Stoneleigh Abbey has a one wedding policy which means there will only ever be one wedding taking place at any one time, ensuring that you and your wedding receive the very best of service and attention.

There is no onsite accommodation at Stoneleigh Abbey however we have good connections with many local hotels to suit a range of budgets.

We understand catering is a very important part of your event; equally the quality of the food and food service is also extremely important to the venue. Should there be any issues regarding food hygiene and health and safety on the event day, not only is the venue’s reputation on the line, but they could also be held accountable by the authorities. For this reason, Sanjay Foods are the exclusive caterer who will adhere to the venue’s health and safety regulations, have the correct insurances and documents to work in the venue and will operate in accordance with the venue standards. Sanjay Foods have the exclusive rights for all Asian catered events at the venue. We have been instructed by the venue management team to act on its behalf to manage the sales and event delivery process for all externally catered events. Sanjay Foods are also responsible for any other third-party suppliers working at the venue.

We have a recommended supplier list for all other services.

With over 15 years’ experience working in events, and four years working as a venue management agency specialising in Asian events, we have come to learn what works best at our venues and ultimately for our clients. As a result, we have introduced a number of processes and procedures that we expect all suppliers to adhere to when working at Stoneleigh Abbey, as Sanjay Foods is liable for anyone working in the venue even if it is a supplier contracted by yourselves. For this reason, we are strict about who we allow to work at Stoneleigh Abbey, as from our experience working with regular suppliers who understand the venue logistics and regulations only adds to your benefit as the end client as well as ours and the venues.

Should you wish to use a supplier that is not on the recommended supplier list, please ask your us for a New Supplier Form. Once the New Supplier Form is completed and returned, you will receive an answer within 48 hours as to whether your chosen supplier can work at the venue.

For any suppliers contracted that are not an approved supplier – it is your responsibility to make sure the supplier submits the information and paperwork required by the deadlines given.
All suppliers must leave the venue in good condition and not cause any damages otherwise this will be deducted from your refundable deposit.

You can use your own DJ, however we strongly recommend that you choose one of our recommended audio visual equipment (AVE) companies for all production and lighting. This includes any AVE coming into the venue i.e. media walls, screens, speakers, lighting etc. Please speak to us for a copy of our technical sheet before confirming your DJ or any production as there may be additional technical charges depending on your set-up site.

The set-up time for all events differs depending on the event requirements. On average we advise a minimum of four hours for a standard banquet and six hours for larger builds. We will go through your proposed event timings in your initial consultation which will help guide you when speaking to suppliers. Before booking your suppliers, please ask how long they will need to set-up as your tenancy times will be inclusive of set up and break down. If you are unsure, please always check with us before confirming with your supplier.

Again, this is all dependent on the set-up however on average we advise a minimum of two hours to break down. Please check with your suppliers how long they will need based on your event requirements before booking as should the break down go over your contracted hours you will incur additional tenancy charges.

There is no guarantee that you will have access to the venue the day before to set up as it is all dependent on whether the venue will be available. The venue may also charge for earlier access. In order to make sure you don’t have any issues or incur any extra costs, we will build in the set up and break down times into your contracted hours and not assume you will have access the day before.

Yes, the same principles to setting up apply to break down. Everything must be taken offsite on the event day and within your tenancy times unless agreed in writing by Sanjay Foods.

Yes, but we recommend that you share a copy of the directions to Stoneleigh Abbey with your guests.

We are located just off the A46 on the B4115. Head Southbound from the A45/A46 junction along the A46. Take the first exit Signed Stoneleigh/Warwick Arts Centre. Turn left signed Stoneleigh & then in 100m turn right at the crossroads signed B4115 Stoneleigh Abbey & Show. In 1.5 miles, the Abbey is signed as a left turn.

Please be aware there is no access to Stoneleigh Abbey from Stoneleigh Park.

There is a car park that guests will be directed to on the day by the staff.

The entrance to the resident’s houses must not be blocked.

No vehicles are to drive or park outside the House, the only cars which can drive up to the house and drop off are the wedding cars.

No cars should be taken past the steps of the House including the wedding cars (due to plumbing issues beneath the ground).

No cars must be parked on the grass area or outside the Riding School – these areas must be kept clear.

At Stoneleigh Abbey, as it is a stately home with residents who live on site, there are a few restrictions you and all your suppliers need to be aware of;


  • The DJ must plug into the sound limiter of 95 decibels in the Riding School.
  • Amplified music is not permitted in the house.
  • Drums (including dhol) are only permitted during the bride and groom entrance (Earliest time 9am).
  • No food and drink (except water) is permitted in the house.
  • Only fumeless logs and/or coconut shells are permitted to be burnt during all Mandap ceremonies.
  • Video drones are strictly not permitted on the grounds of Stoneleigh Abbey due to it being on a flight path.
  • Low mist or dry ice only to be used riding school only, No haze or smoke machines.
  • Marquee build and placement is subject to approval in writing by Sanjay Foods, as they may incur additional charges.
  • Furniture from Stoneleigh Abbey is not permitted for use outside. Furniture must be hired in by the client for use outside, pending approval by Sanjay Foods in writing for the space to be used.
  • Suppliers and or guests cannot try and cut through the resident’s garden from the house to the Riding School.

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